The importance of modern training facilities for non-league clubs

Top clubs like Chelsea or Arsenal may have the very best In training facilities, but that doesn’t mean lower or non-league clubs should be left with poorly invested and aging facilities. Here is why better facilities can have a remarkable effect on your club when you sit in the non-league arena.

Attract better football payers

Attracting talent is about more than a good pay package, especially for non-league clubs who pay similarly low part-time wages. A bigger sway for potential goal scorers will be the quality of your facilities.

Impress visiting clubs

Better facilities, particularly a well-maintained and drained pitch and clean changing rooms, will go a long way toward impressing visiting clubs.

Encourage local support

Every non-league club would be happy if more people came to watch. Not only does it mean more money for the club, but it creates a better atmosphere and intimidates your opponents, Good viewing and seating facilities will certainly encourage more supporters, who would rather have the option to sit in a covered stand in case it rains.

Football team kits

This is not necessarily a facility, but if you are going to direct money anywhere, this is a good place. Be sure you have a new kit every season and order from a trusted retailer such as


 What can we do to improve facilities on a low budget?

If funds are low at your non-league club, don’t worry; there are always ways you can improve your facilities. No one is expecting a hydrotherapy bath and a legacy museum here, but a well-drained ground and an all-weather astro pitch can be hugely beneficial. Another area you can always make improvements is in your changing facilities, perhaps by adding a lick of paint, better privacy or more security. Even if you don’t have much in the budget, you probably have players or committee members in the building trade; make a working party of it. The best way to improve the seating and viewing facilities is by securing sponsorship. Find a local company to sponsor ( a stand and allow them to have their name over the roof of the terrace.

As you can see, modern facilities at non-league clubs can be advantageous for a number of reasons and can be achieved even with low funds.

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